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Meet an ASSM athlete: Khem S.

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We are incredibly honored to work with some incredibly committed, talented, and successful athletes. We are excited to share their stories with you.
Meet Khem S., a Denver based endurance athlete.

How long have you been competing?
Off and on since 2003

What does your training schedule look like this time of year?
Anywhere between 6-10 hours per week, mix of swimming, biking, and running…mostly biking ?

What training / lifestyle tips would you give to someone who is also training?
Be realistic with your training and racing goals. There’s so much to do and only 24 hours in the day. It’s okay to take a season (or more) off to enjoy other activities outside of training and racing and reconnect with friends and family. When it stops being fun, change it up and do something different.

What does a “cheat” or “lazy” day look like for you?
Sleeping in until 7am, catching up on DVR’d shows, doing laundry, and hanging out with friends.

How do you balance work, family/friends, and training?
I put everything in iCal/Outlook. I try not to skip key workouts if I can help it, but allow myself to skip active recovery workouts if I want to spend time with friends. Getting enough sleep is always a priority over everything else.

What’s a go-to snack or meal you love?
Go to snack: blueberries.
Reward for super long workouts: Church’s Fried Chicken.
Typical pre-race meal: baked salmon, brussels sprouts, and a whole avocado.
My favorite food group is bacon.

How does ASSM affect your training and performance?
With training and racing, nagging injuries are always going to pop up. Having ASSM in my corner, I know that Dr. Ben and and his staff will always do their best to keep me going with minimal downtime.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into your sport?
Be patient by enjoying the process, and remember to have fun.

What is your favorite event to compete in each year ?
There are few races and events I repeat year after year. Some of my past favorites include the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon, Boulder Peak Triathlon, and Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial.

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