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Meet an ASSM athlete: Robbie W.

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We are incredibly honored to work with some incredibly committed, talented, and successful athletes. We are excited to share their stories with you.

Meet Robbie W., Denver based triathlete.

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How long have you been competing in triathlons?
I started racing Triathlon in 2008, and didn’t know how to swim when I signed up for my first one.


What does your training schedule look like this time of year?
Right now I’ve started to get more specific with my workouts and focus on race pace efforts, I typically  swim 5 days a week, bike 5 times and run 5 times along with 1-2 strength/core workouts each week.


What training / lifestyle tips would you give to someone who is also training?
I would say #1 – Set goals and use fitness benchmarks to check your progress.  #2 – Join a Team or train with group or friend(s)  #3 – Be consistent, but don’t be afraid to listen to your body.


What does a “cheat” or “lazy” day look like for you?
Lots of food. It’s important sometimes to eat and enjoy. If your body is telling you it needs fuel then fill up the tank. I will eat big burgers with fries and ice cream, also anything that is around me! But guess what? I feel great the next day and re-fueled.


How do you balance work, family/friends, and training?
I sometimes ask myself that question! I just don’t watch TV and get up early.  I also try to include my family and friends in my training.


What’s a go-to snack or meal you love?
Tea and Toast with Irish butter.


How does ASSM affect your training and performance?
Knowing that I have the support of a world class team to help me when my body needs work is important. Dr Ben got me back to health in no time and is very kind to help you reach your goals. He understands so many aspects of movement and sports. He is always learning which gives me confidence to work with him and his team.


What advice would you give to someone looking to get into triathlons/ironmans?
Find a mentor, if you’re in the Denver area I would reach out to Matt Smith. He is awesome.  Also don’t take yourself too serious there too many triathletes that do.


What events are you competing in this year?
I’m aiming to go home and race Dublin 70.3 in Aug. My main focus in Ironman Boulder.
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