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Meet an ASSM athlete: Stephanie H.

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We are incredibly honored to work with some incredibly committed, talented, and successful athletes. We are excited to share their stories with you.
Meet Stephanie H., a Denver based obstacle course/endurance athlete.

How long have you been competing in obstacle courses/endurance events?
This year will be 5 years since I entered the ever exciting and continuously growing world of OCR (obstacle course racing).

What does your training schedule look like this time of year?
This time of year I maintain the 5 days a week of my bootcamp style workouts that not only work on my endurance but also strength and mimic some of the obstacles that I encounter during races. I also add more running into my workouts, both paved and trail and a few days a week of lifting.

What training / lifestyle tips would you give to someone who is also training?
Two most important tips I have for both a training and to incorporate into your lifestyle is to eat right and maintenance your body. I feel that two big factors to how you feel when you’re training, competing and just living life is how you fuel your body and how you maintenance it. Think of your body like you do any machine. If you fuel up with ‘garbage’ , your going to get ‘garbage’ results and if you don’t keep up on the maintenance, you may run into issues either taking you out for a period of time or that become beyond repair. We don’t get a loaner when our bodies are out of commission.

What does a “cheat” or “lazy” day look like for you?
Days that I don’t hit the gym or head out for a run I’m out kayaking, hiking to check out new trails for running or spending time with friends and family. My ‘cheat/lazy’ days are definitely not spend laying around doing nothing. I’m always moving around doing something.

How do you balance work, family/friends, and training?
I consider myself a pretty routine person. I train with the majority of my best friends so they make the balance of training and friends really easy. Not to mention they are great motivators. I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to get in early, get things done and head out so I am able to hit the gym or run and allow me to get home to spend time with family by 7 pm most nights. I know things in life change so when they do I just adjust my routine to fit.

Whatโ€™s a go-to snack or meal you love?
PEANUT BUTTER!!!! At this point I think it’s more of an addiction than a go-to snack. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t necessarily have a favorite meal but I do love making things and putting a healthy spin on them. Like replacing carbs & added sugars with something fresh and natural.

How does ASSM affect your training and performance?
I don’t know how I survived before I came to ASSM ๐Ÿ™‚ I came to them with a serious issue about a year and a half ago after I pulled a muscle in my calf (again, this is why it is so important to maintenance you body!) and have been seeing them regularly ever since. It really keeps me one step ahead of any issues I might feel coming on. They get it taken care of and fixed to keep me out there doing what I love.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into obstacle courses/endurance events?
Just go for it! It is such a new sport that it can be hard to explain until you actually get out there and complete one. But a few things that are a staple in every OCR and are important to focus on and add to training is grip strength, lifting and carrying heavy and usually awkward items, trail running, core & upper body strength and did I mention grip strength?

She’ll be competing in these events this year – we’re excited to cheer her on!
Spartan Ft. Carson – Super May 13
Spartan Race Dallas – Stadium Sprint June 10
Conguer the Gauntlet July 15
Terrain Race August 26th
Spartan Utah – Super August 5
Spartan Breckenridge – Sprint August 27th
Imogene Pass Race – Sept 9

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