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MuscleSound at ASSM: Body Composition Testing Made Easy

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The Best Way to Test!
Scan seven muscle sites using a portable ultrasound machine. Proven to be faster, more efficient, and more comfortable than other leading body composition testing methods, MuscleSound® is simple, fast, and can be performed anywhere using an ultrasound. Our digital capabilities mean easy, comprehensive readings with any web device, complete with a full, personalized history.


Full Body Assessment Packages
Want to ensure you have the knowledge to meet your personal health and performance goals? Get a monthly Body Composition package (one scan per month) for quick and accurate insight into your body’s MuscleHealth®.

Lean Mass Measurement
Understanding the changes in lean muscle versus overall weight helps identify personal progress and achieves goal setting. Beyond its role in sports and training, lean mass is a unique tissue that makes a significant contribution to whole body metabolism, weight management, and overall quality of life. Monitoring skeletal muscle mass enables a benchmark to approach training and nutrition – ensuring improvement.

Comprehensive Test
Fitness is not simply “scale weight.” Track REAL progress by looking at your comprehensive body composition. Accurate assessments of seven sites of the body and how individual sites contribute to this measure. Specific measurements provide far greater informational value than conventional ‘scale weight’ or circumference measures to provide real insight.

MuscleHealth® Status
Assess the impact of fitness, health, and nutritional approach to competition and healthy living. This test includes the complete Fuel and Body Composition packages. Accurate and immediate muscle fuel and body composition information is essential for achieving optimal sports-related and health-related states. The comprehensive information and analysis contained in this test provides a unique profile of your MuscleHealth® Status.

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