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 High performance healthcare for the high performance professional.


Dr. Benjamin R. Cowin (Sports Chiropractic)

Dr. Benjamin R. Cowin (DC, MS, ATC, ICSC, CAFS) is the owner of Denver-based Action Spine and Sports Medicine. He is a national expert in high performance for competitive athletes and active executives. He brings over 20 years of experience in sports medicine, sports chiropractic, and sports nutrition. He is a certified athletic trainer (less than 1% of sports chiropractors are also certified athletic trainers) and holds a Masters in Athletic Training with an emphasis in analytical biomechanics. Dr. Cowin also holds the distinguished International Certificate for Sports Chiropractic, allowing him to practice at prestigious events all over the globe. In short, he helps the very best get more out of their bodies to drive peak performance from the playing field to the board room.

Dr. Cowin has worked with hundreds of elite executives and thousands of professional athletes. Patients rely on him as a high-performance healthcare provider, focused on doing whatever it takes to get the athlete or executive back to competition in the shortest amount of time, while placing the utmost importance on the client’s overall health.

Dr. Cowin recently served as a consultant for World Rugby, overseeing the health & human performance for the Rugby 7s referee program. He was named the medical provider for the World Rugby Referees at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the 2018 Rugby 7s World Cup in San Francisco. He has spent over two decades working extensively with athletes competing at the highest levels including professional baseball, professional football, professional hockey, NBA, UFC, and multiple Olympic teams.

He is a regular lecturer on biomechanics-based injuries and cutting-edge practices in functional rehabilitation. Dr. Cowin is also considered one of the nation’s foremost experts in the area of cannabis as a medicine for athletes. He regularly speaks on the topic of cannabis in sports.


B.S., Kinesiology (Honors), Univ. of Central Oklahoma

M.S., Athletic Training (Emphasis in Biomechanics), Indiana State Univ.

Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Life Univ. – Marietta, GA

Certified Athletic Trainer

Spider Tech Kinesiology Taping Certified

Graston Technique Certified

Functional Dry Needling Level 2 Certified

Certified Applied Functional Sciences (CAFS)

Dynamic Taping Certified

Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Certified

International Certificate of Sports Chiropractic (ICSC)

Fun Fact: Dr. Cowin enjoys cooking for his family and can often be found in the kitchen whipping up something pretty delicious.

Olga Valiukh

Licensed Massage Therapist


Our newest member of ASSM comes to us from Denver School of Massage Therapy. Olga specializes in reflexology, Russian sports massage, Swedish massage, acupressure, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, cupping and hot stone. She enjoys yoga, running, biking and quality time spent with family and friends.

Fun Fact: Her favorite thing to do is travel to a beautiful sunny beach on a tropical coast, where she loves to swim and listen to the ocean.

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We’re committed to always keeping our services up-to-date and our team knowledgeable to the best and most current practices in the industry.


We want you to feel your absolute best. We’re committed to doing all that we can to help you get there and will continue to work with you until you get there.


We’re always adding new and innovative technology to our service offerings and strive to use the best possible techniques to get you back to health quickly.

Who We Are In Short

Action Spine & Sports Medicine is a conservative sports medicine clinic specializing in high-performance healthcare. The team at ASSM offers the most cutting-edge techniques in innovative and integrated sports medicine ranging from physiotherapy and athletic training to chiropractic care.


Understand that ‘high performance’ is an all-inclusive lifestyle. The primary disciplines include, but are not limited to, mental, nutrition, competitive performance, and recovery. This practice has chosen to focus on the healthcare component of recovery and performance, however, one cannot neglect the other disciplines.


What our clients Say

"Dr. Ben and his team at Action Spine and Sports Medicine always provide exceptional treatment and care every single time a patient enters the office. Dr. Ben had treated me in the past for some minor athletic maintenance and after minimal sessions, improvement was obvious. Most recently, I came to Ben with the various and quite traumatic damage caused by a freshly dislocated shoulder. With neither hesitation nor question he went to work. In a very short amount of time he and his staff had not only gotten my shoulder's range of motion back, the team also provided me with exercises and training that stabilized and strengthened the area. Dr. Ben and his team's care allowed me to go back to my labor intensive job well ahead of the schedule that an ER doctor had proposed. Because of their phenomenal care and great work, I highly recommend Action Spine and Sports Medicine." 


"Went to Dr. Ben for a bad pull in my back, made a same day appointment, was seen quickly, within 24 hrs most of the pain was gone. This place is everything you could ask for in a Chiropractor office, friendly, quick, and effective. I've been to a lot of Dr.'s for injuries, and this is a top experience. Thanks Ben." 

Anthony T., DENVER CO

"Dr. Ben did an awesome job quickly identifying my hamstring tear, and delivering a comprehensive treatment plan which minimized my training and racing downtime. His extensive experience in the field of sport medicine is unparalleled - he is incredibly knowledgable and skilled. I highly recommend him!" 


"I’d been dealing with a pinched nerve/muscle issue for well over a year. It was not only interfering with my ability to compete and perform at a high level, but also day to day activities. I had tried multiple remedies including chiro and sports massage and nothing was helping. Some of my friends had told me about Action Spine Sports Medicine and Dr. Ben’s dry-needling so I decided to give it a shot. After one treatment I could feel the pain subsiding dramatically. And after two treatments the pain is completely gone and my mobility is back. I would highly recommend ASSM to anyone living with pain or a mobility issue." 

Jake Bell, DENVER CO

"I was in constant pain (middle back) for roughly six months. After finding zero relief from treatments such as Atlas Chiropractic and acupuncture, one of my buddies suggested I visit Dr. Ben to see if he could help. After just two visits, I started to find relief. After my fifth visit, I can confidently say I'm pain free. It's actually pretty amazing. If you're an active individual with nagging injuries that are holding you back, like myself, you need to give this guy a try. His methods combine cutting edge technology with traditional treatments to give his patients relief." 


"Dr. Cowin has done an amazing job at finding the source of my pain/discomfort and treating it effectively. After picking up some light weight lifting, I noticed that I didn't have full range of motion in my left shoulder. Not only did Dr. Cowin find the source of my issue but he also left me with a series of stretches and recommendations to move forward with constant self treatment. I wouldn't recommend anyone other than Action Spine & Spoets for any range of Chiropracric / Sports Therapy treatment." 


"I visited Dr. Cowin with a groin and hip issue I have been dealing with for a couple years. I've tried pretty much everything and kind of accepted that I may not be able to fix it and just deal with it. It was impacting my performance in the gym and it was painful to squat to depth. I felt instant relief in my groin after the first session and hip release after the second session. I highly recommend Dr. Cowin if you are looking to address a recurring injury. Appointments are easy to make and he gets you and out in a short period of time. Thank you!!" 


"Great experience here! I've been an athlete my whole life including at the collegiate level. I've also been a trainer in the fitness industry for 10 years and have owned and operated a gym. Well, what I love about Dr. Ben is that he treats me like an athlete. He's a no BS kinda guy that gets directly to the issue. I came in for a thumb injury obtained playing volleyball two months prior. Within 2 minutes, he was able to diagnose what exactly happened. After my first treatment, my thumb strength significantly improved and pain decreased. I just got done with my second treatment and although dry needling (one of the treatments done) isn't pleasant, I can already tell how effective it is at "turning everything back on" after my injury. Dr. Ben is great. I will continue to see him!" 


"Dr. Cowin was incredibly knowledgeable about my shoulder injury (both anatomically speaking and for treatment). I have only had one visit so far and have already noticed a difference in my shoulder. I am going back tomorrow for round 2, and I have a feeling I will be making some BIG progress on this nagging injury. Highly recommend calling ASSM and making an appointment with Dr. Cowin."