Anthony T.

“Went to Dr. Ben for a bad pull in my back, made a same-day appointment, was seen quickly, within 24 hrs most of the pain was gone. This place is everything you could ask for in a Chiropractic office, friendly, quick, and effective. I’ve been to a lot of Dr.’s for injuries, and this is…

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“Dr. Ben did an awesome job quickly identifying my hamstring tear, and delivering a comprehensive treatment plan which minimized my training and racing downtime. His extensive experience in the field of sport medicine is unparalleled – he is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled. I highly recommend him!”

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Matt S.

“Dr. Cowin was incredibly knowledgeable about my shoulder injury (both anatomically speaking and for treatment). I have only had one visit so far and have already noticed a difference in my shoulder. I am going back tomorrow for round 2, and I have a feeling I will be making some BIG progress on this nagging…

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Aly A.

“Went in to see Dr. Ben with a hip issue that was giving me quite a bit of trouble… after my first session I could already feel a huge difference. My husband is also being seen by Dr. Ben for a shoulder issue he thought would never get better… Thankfully we found this amazing place…

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Calli W. 

“Came to Dr Ben for a torn rotator cuff. He could not have been more helpful! When I first got there I could barely move my arm and within a few dry needling sessions I was on the mend! He’s also been adjusting me which has been helping my old back injury! Everyone there is…

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