We are proud to offer the patented NormaTec Recovery System to patients in Denver.


Dr. Cowin owns and practices at Action Spine & Sports Medicine in the heart of Denver, Colorado, right across the street from the River North Promenade.

What is the NormaTec Recovery System?

The NormaTec Recovery System offers a precise, high-tech leg massage for warm-up pre-workout and recovery post-workout. It uses compressed air to mobilize fluids and strategically knead your muscles.

The NormaTec Recovery System slips on like a pair of pants. Attachments are also available for your arms and hips. NormaTec sessions usually last between 20-60 minutes.

Dr. Benjamin Cowin (DC, MS, ATC, ICSC, CAFS) is a leading expert on sports medicine in the United States and abroad internationally. Dr. Cowin has seen his proven strategies work wonders in thousands of patients, including with the NormaTec Recovery System.

Dr. Cowin proudly owns and practices at Action Spine & Sports Medicine in the heart of Denver, Colorado.

For over 10 years, Dr. Cowin has worked with NormaTec Recovery.  He is more than impressed with the NormaTec Recovery System’s ability to warm patients up for intense physical activity and help them recover afterwards.

What are the benefits of the NormaTec Recovery System?

Dr. Cowin and his team aim to get players back on the field and hikers back on the trail as quickly as the healing process permits. We are a results-based, whole-body recovery based clinic.

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NormaTec Recovery System FAQ

NormaTec is an innovative technology that uses air pressure massage to relieve muscle aches and/or pain and to temporarily increase circulation to the treated areas. … The benefits of NormaTec Pulse include enhanced blood flow and dynamic compression that ensures that fluids leave the limbs after intense workouts.
While the NormaTec boots will not make up for a crappy diet and lack of sleep, they sure do help reduce soreness and move metabolic waste out of your limbs.
How often should you use compression therapy? When it comes to NormaTec, it has been recommended to use before and after exercise. Sessions can last anywhere between 10 to 60 minutes with varying intensity levels.
The US Olympic team and many high level athletes utilize NormaTec compression systems. Individuals looking to mobilize and detoxify fat, cellulite and inflammation from their bodies. Individuals looking to minimize and prevent varicose and spider veins.

We recommend no more than 2 times a day and only then if you are in heavy training. Otherwise, a consistent regiment of two or three times a week for most people is adequate.