Functional Taping

Spine and sports Medicine

Sports medicine doctors are using functional taping all across the world to improve sport performance and rehabilitate injuries. We offer functional taping right here in Denver.

What is functional taping?

Functional taping is using special sports tape to support your muscles still allowing for full range of motion. The sports tape is applied strategically around your joints like the knee, shoulder, and many other areas — like the entire leg or upper extremity to support the proper biomechanical chain.

Functional taping promotes proper functional movement (biomechanics) by either supporting the muscles and taking tension off of an overused area, or by facilitating muscle activation and therefore appropriate movement patterns   among other health benefits.

Action Spine & Sports Medicine offers 3 taping services:

  1. Dynamic taping
  2. Kinesiology taping
  3. Traditional athletic taping

Dr. Benjamin Cowin (DC, MS, ATC, ICSC, CAFS) is a leader in sports medicine in the US. Dr. Cowin has served the greater Denver area for 12 years and has practiced this specialty for more than 20 years.

Dr. Cowin proudly owns and practices at Action Spine & Sports Medicine in the heart of Denver, Colorado, a block away from the Natural Grocers.

Professional athletes have enjoyed the benefits of functional taping for years. Dr. Cowin is excited to share this not only with his wide range of professional athlete patients, but with fitness enthusiasts and injury rehab patients as well.

8 Common benefits of functional taping:

  1. Relieves pain
  2. Decompresses muscles
  3. Increases body awareness
  4. Reduces muscle spasms and tension
  5. Reduces swelling and inflammation
  6. Accelerates recovery of muscles, bruises
  7. Facilitates muscle activation for better performance 
  8. Prevents injuries or overuse while taped

Dr. Cowin is ready to put 20+ years of sports medicine experience at work for you. He used his expertise at the 2016 Olympics, now he’s focusing his efforts on bettering the lives of his fellow Denver area residents.

Call today at (720) 541-7098 to set up your appointment at Action Spine & Sports Medicine in Denver, Colorado!

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