Myofascial Decompression

Myofascial Decompression

Myofascial decompression is a practice used in one form for another for thousands of years. Now that we have decades of research on how fascia works, we are bringing this update on an ancient and effective technique to Denver residents.

What is myofascial decompression?

Also known as “cup therapy” or “cupping”, myofascial decompression uses a pneumatic pump and vacuum cups to release and decompress the muscles and adjoining tissues.

“Myofascial” describes the connective tissue (fascia) surrounding and connecting your muscles. Myofascial decompression is particularly effective at addressing pain and inflammation in the body’s soft tissues. 

The entire Denver-based staff is trained on and utilizes myofascial decompression as part of an effective treatment strategy. 

Dr. Benjamin Cowin (DC, MS, ATC, ICSC, CAFS) is a leading expert in sports medicine in the US and throughout the world. He has been using myofascial decompression for over 20 years and is proud to provide this innovative treatment strategy to Denver.

8 health benefits of myofascial decompression:

  1. Relieves pain
  2. Increases mobility
  3. Reduces stiffness and tension
  4. Betters nutrient exchange
  5. Improves tissue health
  6. Stimulates blood flow
  7. Accelerates healing (including scar tissue)
  8. Decreases scar tissue formation

Dr. Cowin and Olga work with professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, injury rehab patients, as well as average Denverites just looking to maintain a healthy quality of life. Call us today to ask if myofascial decompression is right for you.

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