Sports Performance & Injury Prevention

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Dr. Benjamin Cowin (DC, MS, ATC, ICSC, CAFS) is a national leader in sports medicine, dedicated to injury prevention and improving athletes’ sport performance.

Dr. Cowin proudly practices at Action Spine & Sports Medicine in Denver, Colorado.

With 20+ years experience practicing sports medicine and injury prevention, Dr. Cowin has served Denver residents for nearly a decade.

Does sports medicine improve sports performance?

When athletes see sports medicine doctors like Dr. Cowin, their sports performance improves. Sports medicine practitioners are able to do the following:

  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Monitor progress to suggest improvements to each unique sports performance plan
  • Catch minor injuries and irregularities before they become major issues
  • Prevent future injuries

How can sports medicine prevent injuries?

MuscleSound detects muscle asymmetries and depletion, marking where an injury is likely to take place.

Also, when a sports medicine doctor is treating a patient, he will ensure your whole-body health is maximized going forward. This increases the likelihood of injury prevention.

Here are some topics Dr. Cowin may discuss with his patients to promote injury prevention:

  • Medical history and family history
  • What physical activities to avoid (if any), and for how long
  • An individualized care plan that focuses on rapidly returning you to your desired activity, including helpful exercises and/or stretches
  • Nutritional changes for whole-person wellness
  • Sports/performance psychology

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